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St. James Lutheran Church





St James works hand in hand with the Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center.


St. James has been hosting blood drives since 1975 (40 years).  We started off doing one drive per year and did this from 1975-1981; since 1982 we have hosted two drives per year in May and Nov.   During this time, our mobile drives have collected a total of 2,428 units.  These units have the potential to help at least 7,284 patients in need.  What a wonderful outreach St. James donors have given to our community. 



Blood Drive

Our next blood drive is Monday, May 7th from 2:30-5:30 in church basement.  To be eligible, your last donation must be before March 15th.

Call Connie Groth 359-5013 or Janene Anderson or sign up in the church narthex



Most of the donations given at the church are whole blood, however we have had the double red machines there on occasion.  This type of donation is automated and donors get some of their products back. We keep their red cells only and they get back their platelets, plasma and some saline.  Because they give two units of red cells, they have to be out for twice as long. So they can’t give again for 112 days as opposed to the normal 56 days between whole blood donations.  This type of donation has some higher requirements such as weight, height and iron.  Woman have to be taller and heavier than men because men and woman have different body mass.  Most men can qualify for the procedure if they have high enough iron and are the right blood types. We also have specific blood types that we look for with this automated procedures.  We love O donors, but can take any Rhnegative donors, except for AB.  All other blood types we prefer whole blood over double reds.